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KDT – an introduction:

KDT are a major manufacturer of panel based Woodworking machinery with over 25 years of technical knowledge and experience. They export successfully to all major world markets
With a comprehensive range of Edgebanders (7000 sales annually!) Beamsaws ,Panel,Flow through boring and material handling production lines – and now producing 1200 CNC machining centres annually!

Outstanding value

8 models to choose from.

Pricing examples:
just $75400 + GST for a single head top/ horizontal drilling, bottom drill, 2 router sided model

$104,800 + GST
Two top / horizontal and bottom Drill heads, top and 2 router spindles auto infeed and side aligner

$125,90000 + GST
twin top / horizontal and single bottom, 2 router spindles, 5 station auto tool change, auto infeed

Pricing excludes Delivery and Commissioning

Tool change model too

New KD612 KSZ models includes a 5 station auto tool change for added versatility

Seriously fast!

With clamp traverse speeds up to 140m/min these are world class machines, seriously fast.

Perfect for manufacturers looking for a strong, precise and productive CNC through-feed borer capable of boring all sides of the panel and face routing and pocketing all in one pass.

Easy to program and use

In built simple to operate CAD/CAM PC controller.
WIFI Download production files from the Office or USB or Barcode Scan.Or simply program your requirements at the PC screen.

Creating a drill / rout pattern is quick and simple thanks to high level functions for mirror and spacing settings along with common routing requirements.

Everything is in front of you with crisp clear graphics

Helps on-line

The PC control allows on-line connection using ‘TEAMVIEWER’ should assistance be required.
Full fault diagnostics and trouble-shooting assistance on screen

Flexible work-flow

Outfeed and cross convey your larger panels – or return smaller panels to the Operator for unloading.

Programmable outfeed direction speeds up and simplifies finished panel handling

Clever clamps

Fast accurate dual panel clamping system with long 2500mm stroke length.
Using KDT’s unique long travel clamping system drilling cycle times are greatly reduced up to 50% faster than many European equivalent models.

Air floatation table to avoid scratching panels.

Routing and drilling – compact and efficient

Clever , compact drill/ router head design.
Reduces dust extraction and inertia

Stronger Machine Frame.

Everything on a CNC machine relies on the design, strength and rigidity of the machine frame

The frame is precision welded, and machined on a 5 axis machining centre to guarantee accuracy

The best drives and guides

Helical rack and pinion> teeth are engaged fully at all times >smooth acceleration and deceleration, increased accuracy with significantly reduced noise.

Twin High precision THK linear guides on all axis

Z axis : central recirculating ball screw and twin widely spaced linear guides

Built in Lubrication of Guides is included

Powerful Air tables : Avoid scratching your panel surfaces

High pressure Side Channel Blower air table flotation .

Auto detection of Panel Sizes

It's safer
Eliminate error, save time

Surprisingly affordable

Clever Engineering and streamlined volume production combine to deliver CNC machines representing exceptional value for money.

Packed with features you will benefit from every day. This is a machine built to work hard and designed to last

A stronger grip

Twin independent positioning clamps:
Superfast and flexible. Auto repositioning to avoid tool paths and optimise processing

Compressed air cleaning of the grippers ensure maximum gripper strength at all times

Another time saver

‘Absolute Encoder ’ Servo control saves time
No need to return to origin to calibrate head position when restarting

Independent Inverters

Independent control of all axis drive motors
It costs a bit more – it works a lot better

Effective , fast side aligner

Optimised cycle with clamps.
It's quick and efficient

Dust extraction is important

Independent and close fitting hoods on the Router and boring head switch across pneumatically dependent on which unit is working > requires only 2050 cubic m /hour extraction volume

Want more info?

Download a Report 612KSZ and 612KS models below

For details of other models - contact LEDA

Any questions? Give us a call



Minimum and maximum panel length 70-2800mm
Panel width 50-1200mm
Drilling head various options
Router spindle 3.5kw - 5.5kw
Maximum gripper positioning 140m/min
Maximum Y axis speed 90m/min
Maximum Z axis speed 50m/min
Min and Maximum panel thickness 09-60mm
Bar code scanner Included
PC industrial controller Included
CAD/ CAM program Included


*Price excludes GST. Freight or installation is excluded.

KDT KN CNC Through-feed. Bore 5 or 6 sides & rout


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