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Unmatched value

Prima 3200mm.
$9,800+ GST
Prima 2500mm.
$9,450+ GST
Prima 1600mm. 3 PHASE$8,100 + GST
Delivery and on-site Commissioning is not included in above prices.

Precision starts here.

The sliding table must deliver straight line precision and run smoothly under load.
Prima's proven carriage design built around a precise, multiwall Aluminium Extrusion, with large dumbbell rollers running along precision guide rails delivers.
Guide rails set in bevelled extrusions ensure dust and chips fall clear for a light, easy travel action.
The sliding table is 360mm wide multi-chamber extrusion anodised for hardness

Easy Panel loading too

You can easily lock the sliding table when loading a sheet along multiple lock points. Unlock via a simple pull rod at the front of the carriage

Cast Iron saw unit

The saw unit is the heart of a Panelsaw. Prima's is built around 2 machined heavy castings, 1 fixed and 1 for the rise/fall
The complete sawblade assembly is mounted directly to the machine frame and the saw shaft is electronically balanced
Large diameter tongue and groove’ tilt trunnions ensure accurate tilt angle and alignment.
The rise and fall thread is sealed from dust and lubricated via a external pump to maintain smooth travel over time

Easy blade access and setting

Precise height and sideways alignment and locking of the Scorer blade is simple via large direct in line fine thread adjustments and collar locks
The fold down cover gives unobstructed access for blade changes and is secured by magnets – easy!

Solid frame – fully enclosed.

The steel frame is braced to provide a solid platform for the sliding table, fixed tables and saw unit mountings / tilt trunnions.
A full sized door makes blade speed changes easy while a switch cuts power when the door is open. The frame base is raised to allow easy cleaning

Big panel support area

The 940 x 620mm cast main table is fitted with strongly ribbed ‘full size’ rip and outfeed tables to easily support your largest panels.

Big outrigger table

The sliding outrigger table is 1200 x 530mm and easily repositioned. The full width loading roller eliminates scratching.
A 1000mm mobile aluminium panel support is great for larger panels

Crosscut precision

Crosscutting precision starts with the support arm 500mm high and on thick pivots and a large axle

The multi section rail is kept clean with pads and supported by a triangular brace

The crosscut fence is 90 x 70mm and robustly mounted to ensure precise 90 degree cuts. All settings are easy to read from the recessed steel scales slanted towards you.

This is a solid and precise system you will appreciate every time you use the saw

Precisely set your stops and they stay put!

The 2 precision flip over crosscut stops are free of play, easily set without çreep' and with real precision and stay put.

The magnification of the 20mm steel rule is easy to read

Mitres are simple and accurate.

The twin front/back ‘mitre scales allow you to set your crosscut fence very accurately up to 55 degrees
A supplementary mitre fence to 60 degrees is included.

Your Rip cuts are accurate too.

The cast iron rip fence support slides smoothly along the 50mm dia. solid rail and locks firmly and precisely including micro-adjustment fine setting
Your push stick is always at hand.
The steel rule is recessed so it won’t get damaged.
You can swing the rip fence under the level of the machine table without the need to remove it

Extraction is important

The overhead guard is very easy to position parallel to the table and stays in place thanks to the strong ‘gas strut’ pivot design. Rollers avoid panel scratching
You can move the guard clear when trimming a tall cabinet

A narrow guard is supplied along with a wide guard for tilt work. These are changed over in moments

You always have a clear view while fully enclosing the saw area for exceptional extraction results.

You are in control

All functions are clearly identified, backlit and simple to use.

Digital readout ensures absolute precision tilt settings and all handwheels are metal castings large and solid providing good feel with ‘fold-away’ handles

More things you will like

A good tool kit is supplied
The front loading roller avoids scratching of your work and damaging the scale holders
A handy eccentric clamp is supplied

Versatile too- Wood, plastic, non-ferrous metals – your new Prima is ready for anything’

Want more info?

Download our FEATURE:BENEFIT Report below.

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Sliding Table length 1600, 2500 and 3200mm
Main Saw blade 300mm
Scorer blade 120mm
Max. cut height @ 90 degrees 80mm
Max. cut height @45 tilt 60mm
Main motor Single phase ; 3hp, 3 phase 5hp
Scorer motor Single phase 0.5hp, 3 phase 1hp
Blade speeds 4000 and 6000rpm
Weight 2500mm 620kg, 3200mm 640kg


*Price excludes GST. Freight or installation is excluded.

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