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KDT- an introduction

KDT : Over 20 years of technical knowledge and experience exporting successfully to all major world markets
Edgebanders (7000 sales last year) CNC machining centres, Beamsaws, Panelsaws : you can rely on KDT
Modern R&D Division drives continuous improvement and quality control using world recognised Brand components
The KDT 3 series benefit from the knowledge and shared componentry from KDT's large high performance single and double sided Edgebanders
Clever engineering and streamlined volume production deliver exceptional value for money.
Join the 100’s of Australian Manufacturers already enjoying the benefits of KDT ownership

Outstanding value

Touchscreen settings
Fast - 3 speeds to 23m/min!
Twin Saws with pneumatic tilt
Top/ Bottom Trim
$26,800 + GST
Excludes Local delivery and commissioning



Working units

Hot melt glue tank
Edge strip application with pneumatic guillotine.
Pneumatic glue roller action
Four-roller pressure station with pneumatic pressure.
End trimming station – high precision cut-off saws with angle adjustment.
Top & bottom trimming station, with 2mm radius cutters.
Top and bottom radius scraper station to fine finish PVC edging.
Buffing station

365J : As above with Premilling

368: As above - with second set of Top/ Bottom Trimmers

368J: As above with 2nd set of top/bottom trimmers and Premilling

Key Features

Full safety covers, large windows and internal lights
Convenient large touch screen
Quick digital set-up for edge thickness
High feed rates – 15 / 19/ 23 metres/min.
Feed jogging button to assist setting up.
Pneumatic shut-off gate on glue roller.
Front and rear tape overhang adjustment from touch screen.
Electronic ‘line control’ setting and monitoring of workpiece positions
75mm hoses for efficient extraction.
Four independent pressure rollers
Pneumatic gate prevents panels being fed too close
Powered height setting of top beam
High precision ‘THK’ slide ways on cut-off saws with auto lubrication
Efficient high frequency direct drive motors on saws and trimmers.
Blowers on scrape tracer wheels keep swarf from affecting accuracy.
Buffs mounted on 50mm bars – will not flex under load.
Heavy weight machine

Built in strength

Everything on an Edgebander relies on the strength of the machine frame and work unit mountings.
Wherever you look you see this
- Just a few examples:

• Saws on cast iron mount
• 10mm thick plate steel base
• Table support rails 50mm
• 18mm thick hard chrome infeed fence
• Buffers on 50mm columns
The list goes on…

You’re in control

The user-friendly KDT touch screen sets new standards
You’re in total control- selecting functions, the 3 feed track speeds, Up/down of the beam, glue temperature etc.
You can select front, rear or both saws.
Clear, simple and effective
Comprehensive parameter setting functions and diagnostics / fault-finding functions and reports with reset methods and ‘fix it' guides

Piece and tape used count.
Pre start set time
Tape overhang allowance
All operated from the touchscreen

Handle the heaviest tapes

800mm diameter supported by a massive 60mm dia. column - even the heaviest tape coils stay perfectly aligned with the infeed and rotating smoothly

Panel feed is precise, reliable and foolproof

Simple reliable alignment and feeding ensuring panels travel through the workstations perfectly.
18mm heated infeed fence.
removes moisture and warms panel edges to improve bonding results.
A pneumatic stop prevents a second panel entering too soon.
Electronic ‘line control’ eliminates micro-switches.

Perfect tape feed and application

Guides and feed rollers mounted on twin 10mm steel plates. Oversized pneumatic guillotine cleanly shears the heaviest tapes
4 pressure rollers each with its own pneumatic cylinder:
Hard chromed first driven roller, rollers 2 and 3 are tapered to apply extra pressure at the top and bottom Roller 4 is the final guarantee of the perfect tight edge. The pressure rollers adjust as a set for different tape thickness

Onto the feed track….

Height setting of feedtrack is powered with digital readout.
The overhead feed rollers are mounted in a heavily ribbed top beam 170mm x 80mm and offset so your smallest panels are always under firm and even pressure
Oversize columns ensure alignment under load

The driven track

The feed track runs on square and round guides which ensure the track cannot move sideways or tilt under load. Cast bearing housings and heavy chain feed ensure long life with low maintenance. External points make track lubrication easy.

Well supported

The 630mm panel support rail is
mounted on 50mm diameter solid steel bars running on ball bearing roller guides. It won’t sag when supporting large heavy panels.

Smart Inverter control

Individual Inverters monitor and control the Saw , trimmer and feed motors. Monitoring demand and maintaining performance

Easy to set and Quick-change glue tank.

Convenient 'above track' tank can be removed in 2 minutes. This is a clean and fuss free system with quick built in adjustment of pressure and glue thickness.
Multiple elements ensure quick and even heating. Auto ‘standby’ lowers the glue temperature to maintain color and strength.

End saws precision is guaranteed

The end saws are mounted on a super strong cast base and run on the same high precision THK guide for perfect alignment
12,000 rpm inverter controlled motors ensure clean, effortless trimming of tough tapes.
The line control checks the saws are in position before the next panel arrives.
Touch screen allows you to increase the overhang to avoid damage to the panel and turn either end saw off
Tilt to 10 degrees with Auto lubrication of the saw slides

Pneumatic tilt - from the touchscreen.
Smooths off the corners of your doors

Trimmed top and bottom ‘spot on’

KDT use heavy steel and cast iron construction for their Trimmers to guarantee the precision .
180mm copy wheels with 12,000 rpm HF motors ensure the cutters perfectly trace and fine trim or radius your edges
Digital resetting and 4 knife TCT combi trimmers

Highest precision scraping

KDT’s scrapers use the same cast iron and steel mounts as the Top and bottom trimmer unit as scraping is critical to the final appearance of your Panels
Large rotary copy wheels with air jet cleaning deliver perfect smooth, cutter mark free finish.
Three roller hinge hole bridging is optional.

The final polish

Final cleaning and restoration of colour to darker tapes is via large 1440rpm buffers on extra heavy mounts for a vibration free finish.
Buffing angle is adjustable

Keeping things quiet

The heavy construction does a great job of noise reduction which is enhanced by the sound dampening hood.
Electrically interlocked with supporting gas struts and large windows and internal lighting to let you keep an eye on things

Extraction is important

Good dust extraction is vital.
Particular attention has been paid to ensuring all hoods and ducts function well.
This includes a scraper separation box, scraper blowers and a large chute to catch and collect end saw offcuts.

Hinge hole bridging option

If you are producing hinge holes on your Nesting CNC before edging - KDT's option hinge hole bridging avoids problems.
Fit to your trimmers and scrapers - problem solved.

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KDT-365 / 365J*

Panel Feed Speeds 15, 19 and 23m/min
Total power 9.06kw
Length 365 3940mm
Edge thickness 0.4mm - 3.0mm
Panel thickness 10- 60mm
Panel thickness when premilling 40mm
Weight 365 1300kg
Minimum panel length 150mm


*Price excludes GST. Freight or installation is excluded.

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