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Conveyors, Length Stops and Carts


Leda Machinery offers the perfect Conveyors, Length Stops and Carts to cater to all your production needs.

Whether you’re focused on high efficiency for large-scale projects or addressing specific requirements, our range of conveyors, length stops and carts ensures we have the ideal solution for all your demands.

K3000, K6000

Discover robust and affordable roller tables in 3000mm and 6000mm sizes, complete with sturdy manual-positioned stops for precise control. Enjoy digital setting accuracy for enhanced efficiency.

Comet MD

Built sturdy for reliable performance, these roller tables offer precision with a manual handwheel and digital accuracy. Choose between left and right-hand options in 3000mm and 4500mm sizes.

Cart V

Simplify profile handling with our versatile storage rack, featuring 10 slots in 2 rows for vertical profile or frame storage. Equipped with handles on both sides for effortless transportation and boasting a simple yet effective design for easy assembly.

Cart G

Effortlessly store and access your gaskets with our convenient rubber strip storage solution. Featuring a 4-roll mobile trolley for easy transportation and accessibility.

Cart W

Safely transport sashes, frames, windows, or doors with our versatile Trolley. Featuring smooth, non-scratch surfaces covered in rubber material for protection. Mobilize effortlessly with four wheels, two equipped with brakes, and enjoy ample storage space in wide compartments for various products.

Cart H

Effortlessly store profiles horizontally with our user-friendly storage solution, featuring smooth surfaces and non-scratch materials for optimal protection. Equipped with four wheels, two with brakes, and welded bars for heavy-duty reliability.

Cart C

Safely store and transport windows with ease using our solution, featuring non-scratch surfaces and eight compartments for organized storage. With four wheels, including two with a locking device, mobility and stability are assured.


Simplify window and door assembly with our versatile workstation, featuring sliding and extendible surfaces to accommodate large frames. Enjoy ergonomic angle adjustment between 0° and 75°, complete with convenient power plug and air outlet sockets.

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Choosing the right Conveyor, Length Stop or Cart can be daunting, and we understand the challenge.

With over 20 years of industry experience, let us guide you through the process. Your satisfaction is our priority. Contact us today to discuss your options.

Why Choose Us

Why partner with LEDA for powerful Aluminium Machinery?

The sole distributor of KDT technology in Australia.

30+ years of experience supplying advanced machinery.

Industry-leading after-sales support, service and training.

Competitive pricing that doesn’t compromise on quality.

Nation-wide servicing and delivery.

100% Australian-owned and operated.


Local teams delivering a world-class service.

We believe that support is best offered in person, which is why our trained technicians are available across the country to deliver professional advice that helps you get the most out of your machinery. Our local spare inventories are backed by national supply lines, making it easy to get your hands on the parts you need quickly, so you can get back to work with minimal downtime.

About Us

Technology for cutting-edge aluminium solutions.

For over two decades, LEDA has partnered with leading manufacturers push the boundaries of aluminium machinery, bringing tradespeople throughout Australia products on the cutting edge of innovation.

LEDA’s philosophy is founded on the principles of research, enterprise, and quality control, guaranteeing that our machinery fulfils the needs of both seasoned professionals looking to upgrade their operations and ambitious amateurs entering the industry. Join forces with LEDA, and start experiencing the best in woodworking and aluminium solutions today.


“These guys know their stuff. I bought a wall saw off them. The quality of the saw, installation and after sales service is second to none!”

Greg Vowels

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Your equipment should be your strongest ally.
Not your biggest limitation.

Streamline your production process with state-of-the-art Conveyors, Length Stops and Carts.