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4 Standard volumes . Larger on request

The standard Models generate 8500- 16,400 cubic m/hour extraction volumes at typical pressures.
Models delivering up to 240,000 cubic metres per hour are available to meet any demand level!

Great value

LDMY 60 15KW $27,030+ GST

LDMY 75 18.5KW $31,990 + GST

LDMY 100 22kw $36,900 + GST

Upgrade to 3 cubic m bin on LDMY100
$1900 + GST

Delivery and on-site Commissioning is not included in above prices.

Designed for the Woodworking Industry

GOVE LDMY Model Extractors have been designed and specified to meet the demanding requirements of the Australian Woodworking Industry which present some unique problems:

Handle mixed dust loads

Common where fine dust from the CNC, PVC trimmings from the Edgebander and Shavings from solid wood machines are mixed.
With GOVE dirty air enters below the filters into an expanded chamber slowing the airflow and immediately dropping the heavier waste into the bin. The fine dust then travels to the filters in an efficient spiral action
The Extended Hopper height between Inlet and Waste bin prevents the dust already collected in the bin from lifting. The 60 degree hopper walls prevent any waste from bridging
Together these combine to deliver a system ideally suited to the waste flow from a typical Woodworking shop.

No waste passes through your fan

Inevitably your extraction will pick up small offcuts
GOVE is a ‘clean air’ design – where the fan is downstream of the filters so only clean air passes through the fan.
This is significantly quieter and avoids any damage and abrasive wear of the fan blades as waste passes through.

Another important advantage : the inside of the extractor is operating at lower pressure than the outside atmosphere> Dust escape is therefore impossible and your Waste bin is being sucked onto the seal.This is the opposite of a dirty air system and ideal for woodworking applications.

No Pleats to fill and clog

GOVE use smooth wall filter socks not cartridges with pleats which with woodworking are very prone to filling up and blocking airflow

Continuous Filter cleaning

GOVE 5 banks of filters are cleaned in a cycle with timed shots of compressed air that create a shock wave down the filter- cleaning them continually while your extractor operates. This is far superior to Shaker systems that can only clean when the extractor is shut down
The continuous cleaning GOVE system maintains filter performance throughout the working day.
Woodworking machines have specific airflow volume and pressure requirements and it’s important to meet these continuously and only reverse pulse can achieve this.

Inverter control of air volume

With GOVE an Inverter is standard - not an expensive option. This gives you control of the fan speed to match requirements- saving power. It also gives a true 'soft start' - easy on your electrics.

Gove also use the latest IE2 high energy efficiency fan motors.

Keeping an Eye on your filters

A Magnahelic gauge measures the pressure differential between the clean and dirty air sides of the filters. So you know if a filter has a hole in it or is not clean enough.
It’s then easy to adjust the intensity or interval of the cleaning

Lower your maintenance.

Gove extractors’ simple robust construction, low air resistance design and continuous filter cleaning give them an extremely low maintenance requirement.

Happy outside

No need to allocate expensive indoor space and forklift access to the Extractor and noise levels inside the factory are reduced.
GOVE extractors are happy outside thanks to thick galvanised construction, sloping rain shedding roof panels, stainless steel fittings and outside rated fan/ motors

Hot dip galvanised fan housings - another standard GOVE advantage

Save power

Add a pressure monitor and with the standard inverter you now have a system that automatically recognises any change in demand and adjusts the fan speed to match.Power savings as high as 50% are achieved and your whole Extraction system runs quieter and smoother.

Explosion protection

GOVE include an explosion relief panel that vents any explosion that can be triggered by a spark from a tool
Anti-static filter material is also used to avoid generating a spark

Large Bin capacity

Overfilling your bins results in dust storming up into the filter area and causing blockages. GOVE’s woodworking models all discharge to 1.5 cube dump bins.
The pneumatic bin seal releases and reseals at the flick of a switch – simple and efficient. Less downtime to empty bins

Wheelie Bin option

Where a larger bin doesn't suit you can have 3 'quick fit' 240 litre Wheelie bins in its place.

Compact, neat and tidy and quiet

The fan and motor are fitted to the extractor frame. This can be at the front or rear – so the extractor is a neat and unobtrusive
With overall height of 4200-5800mm the extractor will fit inside or outside below the roofline height
An industrial silencer is included

You can afford this

GOVE have the features and design advantages required by the Woodworking Industry. GOVE pricing is extremely competitive -
no need to settle for anything less than a Reverse Pulse cleaning designed and built to meet the unique demands of today’s Woodworking shops.

Larger volumes? No problem

GOVE offer a full range of Extraction to suit virtually any demand level

If you need more than CM/H of the standard models - give us a call

Want more info?

Download our FEATURE: BENEFIT Report below.

Any questions? Give us a call



Air volume LDMY45 6800 CMH @3000pa
Air volume LDMY60 10,200 CMH @ 3500pa
Air Volume LDMY75 15,590 CMH @3000pa
Air volume LDMY100 16,400 cmh @3500pa
Fan Power. LDMY 45 : 7.5kw
LDMY 60 : 15 kw
LDMY 75 : 18.5kw
LDMY 100 : 22kw
Inlet diameter LDMY 45 / 60 / 75 / 100 300 / 400 / 450/ 500mm
Filter area sq. m LDMY 45 / 60 / 75/ 100 45 / 60 / 75 /100
Rows of Pulse Jets 5
Compressed air LDMY 45 / 60 / 75 / 100 6 cfm / 10 cfm / 10 cfm /10cfm


*Price excludes GST. Freight or installation is excluded.

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